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A Touch of Love

There is an old eastern proverb which says, 'One look is worth a dozen words and one touch is worth a dozen looks'. It's true. Even the lightest touch speaks volumes. It can lift us into another world - the world of love. And it's interesting that the majority of couples who live together end up either marrying or separating. For even living together in the closest intimacy still leaves something lacking in the hunger of the human heart.

A desire to marry is a sign that each partner has been 'touched' by another in an extra special way. They have opened their hearts to one another and finally found the courage in their love to want to offer and receive total commitment for life. There is a risk here, for they are offering their whole life to another human being in complete trust. But love, the authentic kind of love which reflects the love of God, does just that; it is willing to give everything, even life itself, for the beloved.

Such a magnificent reflection of God's love is almost too much for us to understand... Love makes it possible for us to see what no one else sees except God, that the one who is loved is uniquely precious, irreplaceable and infinitely lovable. It is natural that those who experience such love want to tell the world and want their love to continue forever.

This is what is at the heart of Christian marriage.

from This is Our Faith

Newlyweds at Christ Church....

Newlyweds at Christ Church....

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