Garden of Remembrance

Memorial Garden (2017_04_17 21_59_07 UTC).jpg

Christ Church's memorial garden

Adjoining the southern wall of the church is a beautiful garden set apart for the interment of the cremated remains of those who have died.

This quiet spot is ideal for reflection; there is a fountain and a garden seat where undisturbed moments may be spent in peace and calm.

If there is a funeral service, the committal can occur at the church door, to be followed by cremation then later interment at Christ Church in a separate short ceremony.  A memorial service may conclude with an interment at the same time or at a later date. Interments can also occur after the 10am service on Sunday morning, or at other times by arrangement with one of the parish clergy.

The ashes are interred directly into the earth, without specific markers. The name of the person who has died is recorded in the Memorial Garden Book in the church (adjacent to the Font) and he or she is remembered annually by name in the prayers on the Sunday before the anniversary of death. There is normally a fee levied for interment into the Memorial Garden, which is significantly less than that charged by a cemetery or public memorial garden.